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5th October 2022

Scale up to stay up – approaches to content monetization for the B2B publishing sector

Scaling any business is hard, but the challenges for those in the B2B publishing industry can seem particularly stark.  ‘Traditional’ digital content monetization approaches are outdated and under pressure – potentially leaving ‘money on the table’ for B2B publishers – yet the move to results-based advertising products can seem complex to navigate and overwhelming.

Little wonder, then, that we had so many attendees to our ‘Approaches to Content Monetization’ webinar last week!  With close to 120 registrations for the event, I was fortunate enough to be joined by industry experts who have been through the process and could share successes as well as flag some of the ‘banana skins’ in a frank, open and ‘warts and all’ discussion.

Paul Franklin is the former publisher and operations director of the B2B Division at Dennis Publishing and Will Brookes is CEO of Raconteur, a B2B publishing house which, under Will’s leadership, has reduced its historical reliance on print revenue both by growing its registered audience online and by launching several digital publishing products and services. Co-hosting the session alongside me was Fergus Gregory, managing director of the scaleup advisory unit at Collingwood Advisory, a consultancy that provides scaleup and exit advice to independent media entrepreneurs.

The very honest accounts from both Paul and Will clearly struck a chord with attendees as – quite unusually for webinars – the questions from the ‘floor’ came flooding in. So many questions, in fact, that we were unfortunately unable to answer them all, but fortunately leading to us deciding to run a ‘part 2’ to the session in the near future, such was the interest, so watch this space!

Here are the key takeaways from the discussion:

  • Be absolutely clear on the difference between lead generation and demand generation
  • Be brave with where your brand is going to go. It’s going to have to go to places it hasn’t been to before – you’re syndicating the content.
  • Ask your advertisers what they are after. Content syndication helps them reach a bigger audience or connect with their audience in a deeper way.
  • Don’t try to build it out alone – talk to people who’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.
  • Collingwood Advisory’s recent Media Acquisition Report shows the continued growth in value and desirability of digital marketing services, that Demand Gen is a key growth area of marketing services and so investing in getting it right not only helps you grow, revenues, market share and share of wallet, it also helps add value to your business.

If you missed the webinar and would like to hear it on demand, click here.

Here at oneninefive by Agent3, we are experts in creating and executing b2b sales and lead generation strategies for clients across multiple industries. If you want to learn more about monetization from content syndication, please get in contact here – we’d love to hear from you!

15th February 2022

Amanda Bendrey announced as first US General Manager for oneninefive

In our quest to grow as a business, with an account-centric approach to demand generation, one of the reasons we combined forces with Agent3 was to help fuel our drive to grow internationally; working together to expand the North American market, and supercharging oneninefive and our demand generation offer even further.

But that was only the first huge step on what is already an exciting journey and, key to the success of that journey, is to identify the right people to grow the business. That’s why, today,  I am thrilled to announce that Amanda Bendrey is joining oneninefive as its first US General Manager.

Amanda brings invaluable experience to the role from both a demand generation perspective, but also in identifying a growth strategy for North America, having previously grown the ABM capability for Agent3 in that region from a team of just 4 or 5 members to the team of 60 we have today.

I get a huge buzz from providing great career opportunities for our people; meet Amanda in this Q&A discussion and find out why her appointment was a great fit from both our perspectives.

– Jordan Adams, CEO, oneninefive

1st February 2022

Today is a major milestone for oneninefive..

Today is a major milestone for oneninefive..

During the past 12 months we have pivoted to positing ourselves at the heart of the demand generation conversation; streaming our services to help our customers quickly gather, analyse, and act on buyer intent signals, so our customers can more effectively scale account-based demand and revenue. 

 And while we’ve been successful, the demand and our ambitions to continue to grow with the same level of innovative led services is such that we can’t do it alone. 

For that reason, we are beyond excited to announce that we are combining forces with Agent3; a passionate team of Account-Based Marketing (ABM) experts who create powerful, creative, end-to-end ABM programs with measurable impact using proprietary and applied technology services.

Operationally, by partnering with Agent3, we have now created a broader platform to fast-track investments in technology innovation and skills, as well as accessing group-wide resources and infrastructure. We are moving quickly with lots of developments in the pipeline and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next!  

Read all about it here.

Get the inside story from Jordan Adams, CEO of oneninefive by Agent3 and Clive Armitage, CEO of Agent3, in this video.

1st February 2022

So, the big news. ONF has a new home.

So, the big news. ONF has a new home.

The last few years for ONF have been manic to say the least. We’ve twice doubled our annual growth, expanded our headcount by two thirds, cast our net into the Middle East, launched new publishing brands, created new products, developed best-in-class technology and expanded our 1st party data 10x.

Our client roster today was an aspirational list of ‘dream logos’ only a year ago.

Despite all the huge leaps, we’ve stuck true to our beliefs of working discreetly, treating clients as confidential partners (while sharing our journey with them), quietly going about our long term ambition of redefining the demand gen sector.

Contrary to our DNA of doing our best work out of plain sight, the demand gen world was hotting up. Marketing budgets were growing exponentially, demands on transparency, quality and data-driven results were suddenly all front & centre. We were suddenly catapulted into new conversations, regions and partnerships. This bubbling hot environment came with lots of new interest and increasing ripples of intrigue about how we had built our reputation. We were the clichéd overnight success.

That intrigue, conversations and eyeballs very quickly turned to quite direct questions from organisations wanting to explore acquiring us.

I would be lying if I said it wasn’t flattering, but we very quickly dismissed further exploration on the simple premise that those conversations didn’t feel right.

Throughout our journey, and being founder led, the question I’ve been asked more than any other is “so, Jordan, what are your plans to sell the business?”

My answer has always been the same. “I don’t know, but when I meet the right people, I’ll know it’s the right home.”

Most of the direct conversations focussed on ‘exit’, they didn’t even consider (or even ask) what my or my team’s ambitions were.

I’m not done, and neither is my management team. In fact, despite all our success to date, we believe we’ve hardly even started. I personally love what I do and, even more so, love seeing those around me – our team, our partners and our clients – win. I’m also a competitive so and so… the finish line will always be out of reach.

The summer of love

Going back to May of last year; the world started to wake from a bleary covid slumber, the weather seemed to pick up, people were meeting in person, London had its buzz back, clapping had gone from outside your doorstep and, instead, people were patting each other on the back and buying a round.  We also had the backdrop of a major football tournament.

Life seemed good and then it became great….

Cleary the feel good factor was there, our proposition stacked up, the demand gen world was hot and we remained in hyper growth. But with growth comes growing pains. As a management team, our time was massively focussed in the business, rather than on the business. The next big leap of growth looked like exactly that, a big leap, albeit a much slower one than we were used to. We knew we needed some help.

Specifically, we needed help with our ambitions to grow our team on the ground in the US quickly, help with our tech road map to evolve our 1st party intent platform, help with the expansion of our embryonic paid media demand gen services and our desire to build the very best working environment for our team.

Help with the move from being generalists to the demand gen specialists in B2B marketing.

As the summer unfolded, the stars aligned, football was coming home and then, the people appeared.

Initially they came as a partner and a working relationship, but very quickly the realisation that coming together formally would make sense,  and that conversation then followed very naturally.

We talked through our joint ambitions, our perspective on what made client service brilliant, our shared vision on what an ABM-led focus on demand gen could do for our clients. We shared notes on how, looking at our respective teams culturally, it would be hard to pick any differences in how we delivered our services, the environment we worked in and the bloody great people that made the whole thing tick.

In short it was obvious that these were our people, and this was something we wanted to be part of.

Led by CEO, Clive Armitage, those people were Agent3.

Getting it done

Into July, and knowing the opportunity to formalise a partnership was right, the conversation moved to the nitty gritty and then into the swift agreement that we’d work towards Agent3 formally acquiring ONF.

Having been involved in ‘DD’ processes in my old publishing days, I took a deep breath and prepared for long days, sleepless nights, hard balled haggling and lots of legal & finance professionals around us trying to justify earning eyewatering hourly fees. This, all while trying to maintain the day to day running of the business.

In fact what transpired, though, was a truly collaborative process; a constant circle back on how we were feeling, a shared approach to tackle any bumps with a joint steamroller, an open line of communication and a huge level of support on any areas we weren’t clear on or hadn’t previously experienced. .

Those daily emails, shared communications and weekly calls, almost always finished with ‘we can’t wait until you are this side of the fence.’

Agent3 had prior acquisition experience, and it showed. Leaning in on the wider communications group of Next15 (who employ over 1,350 people across 32 offices in 14 countries), they held our hand throughout. The dreaded ‘look for any skeletons in the cupboard’ process, whilst massively thorough, was always done with a smile and ‘lets find a way’ and ‘let’s get it done’ attitude.

As we reached the conclusion of finalising the deal, although Covid put paid to any clinks of glasses and a night on the tiles, the DocuSign and close-to-midnight finish didn’t feel like a damp squib. It felt exactly as I hoped it would: a heady mixture of adrenaline, pride and excitement.

The People 

A huge thank you to the team that kept the enthusiasm up and made the entire process enjoyable, exciting, energetic and were supportive throughout. Whilst acquisition was the formal process, the conversations were always around partnership and supercharging ONF.

That brilliant team was led by;

Clive Armitage, Agent3 founder & CEO. A brilliant guy whom I now class as both a mentor & friend. From the outset he said to me “Jordan, go build the business you’ve always built, shout me when you hit a hurdle and I’ll help you find a way through”

Dan Sands, Chief Strategy Officer and, as I now refer to him, Chief Hope Officer. We’ve spoken every day since the first conversation.  He’s always believed in what we, as a business, were setting out to do and has been our biggest cheerleader. The Chief Hope Officer title refers to his unwavering desire to give hope & direction that anything is do-able.

Mark Sanford, leading the in-house counsel. Mark made the legal jargon accessible, made the complicated simple and always presented information through the lens of the real world, as opposed to the T&Cs. Simply put, Mark is a guy that cares, and it showed throughout.

Katie Smith, Deputy CFO, Next15. Worked tirelessly to ensure the ongoing transparency around anything numbers and answering our conveyor belt of continual questions that usually started with “what would happen if…?” I lost track of how many times she checked in that we were happy. I’ve worked with numerous finance leaders in the past, Katie is one of the very best.

Nick Chapman, who works across Next15 M&A.  That experience translated into nothing but support. Whilst Nick often had to hunt for skeletons, he always came back with reassurance that none were lurking. I knew that, in any DD process, you hit a stage when so many questions are being asked, you then question if you ever had anything in the first place. Nick always reassured us we very much did.

I must also mention Mark Wiseman-Smith, MD of The Craft. Very early on Clive suggested I speak to Mark as his business was the most recently acquired by Agent3. Mark was transparent, honest and incredibly encouraging. He did it all without ever pushing an agenda to ‘do it.’

Tim Dyson, CEO, Next15. Early on in the process I spoke with Tim, who is a veteran in B2B marketing and widely recognised as someone known for contributing ideas that set the bar in the industry. Whilst my conversation with him reaffirmed all that his bio suggests, moreover I found someone approachable, curious by nature and with a genuine desire to understand you and your ambitions. Being smart he quickly connects how Next15 could help.

As for our team;

Julian Thorne, who was there from day 1. Initially as a consultant, then as an advisor, moving into a mentor, shareholder and ending as a true friend. Thanks for always having my and Lisa’s back. You saw it all and always willed us on. Forever indebted to you for your support and guidance.

Our legal team from Simon Muirhead Burton, led by partner, Neal Hodges.

Once the conversations got ‘serious’ we held a beauty parade in order to assemble our team. From the very first few conversations, Neal was who we wanted to help us. Straight talking, humorous and often giving us two versions of every document or conversation (the real thing and layman’s terms). Neal led and coordinated a fantastic, tireless team of Lucy, Dan and John. In addition, Neal introduced us to Simon Meredith, partner of NGM Tax Law LLP. Simon is a brilliant guy whose experience in M&A and tax advice was compelling.

Khalid Mehmood, Partner, Hadleys & Co. As our accountant from day one, we knew there was no one better to support us with our finances. Khalid and his team had seen our growth every step of the way and adapted their advice & support accordingly. What started as ‘just someone to do the basics’ many years ago, Khalid became a true friend and someone who navigated the complicated.

Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn

So, what does all of this mean for me, us, our team, and our clients? Ego to one side, me first. I’m not going anywhere, and neither is our brand. As I said, I’ve only just got started.

Day to day, I’ll be leading a newly expanded team of 40 talented people, based in 5 countries across 4 continents. My role as CEO remains, but my leadership team has grown, as have our demand gen solutions and client base.

The ONF brand remains, but is supercharged with centralised resource from Agent3. That crucial piece of instant access to areas including core infrastructure, systems, technical developers, and talent recruitment & learning, can be leant on as we need. We also have a new home – a brilliant new working environment in London Bridge.

Our team now has far wider career opportunities and the environment to do their very best work for years to come. We now have an extensive team in Sydney, Ireland and across the US in addition to our team in Dubai, and there’s a lot of excitement about gaining an office in NYC! Remember I mentioned earlier about the need to grow our team internationally?

Importantly our clients. We know first-hand that CMOs need big wins; sales teams demand more support and customers expect specialised support. So, whilst we can now vastly expand the support to our clients – from data insights through to positioning, creative, applied tech and paid media – we’re going to continue to do what we’ve always done; working discreetly, treating clients as confidential trusted partners and quietly (alright, a bit louder) going about our now short-term ambition of redefining the demand gen sector.

And finally

The thank yous

Rina, Malinda, Tim. The management team that helped us answer all the questions that needed answering, gave us unwavering moral support and willed us on over the finish line. The landscape is now set for you guys to get your just rewards.

Our clients. Cliched yes, truthful ever more so. Our clients really have supported us and been with us throughout the manic years.  In many cases they have been with us since it was just me on a coffee table. That support and honesty will be further repaid with us now fast track improving all that we do.

Our team. I’ll start with the apology of being distant for a period and swerving seemingly obvious asks, that now make sense. You’re a brilliant bunch who would run through walls to make good. Continue being brilliant and thank you for believing it was possible.

My co-founder, my wife and mum of our daughter Beatrice. The continual show of unwavering belief, selflessness that saw you quit your own career to join me in our coffee table. The sacrifices made; holidays with us both having to work, not knowing if we would have the cash to pay for our wedding the night before, the 300-mile round trip to Nottingham every day for 2 years, paying ourselves last and the least of all our staff for years, the constant blurred line between home & work life. This new opportunity created for everyone, simply wouldn’t have happened without you by my side. You’re not a working mum, you’re a super mum. We did it. X

So that’s it, a new chapter and one that we are now excitedly back in the starting blocks, that finish line is nowhere near in sight.

Jordan Adams, CEO, oneninefive, now by Agent3.

21st September 2021

oneninefive Welcomes Head of People and Culture, Malinda Griffin

oneninefive are thrilled to announce that Malinda Griffin, an experienced HR senior leader, has joined as Head of People and Culture. In the newly created position, Malinda becomes our first Head of People and Culture and will be responsible for leading the people strategy and HR function to continue to build on oneninefive’s strong people-orientated culture.

Following two years of exponential growth at oneninefive, introducing a people and culture department was the natural next step. Our people are our biggest asset and as oneninefive continues to grow its essential people and culture are kept central to all that we do. Reporting directly to the CEO, Jordan Adams, Malinda’s role will focus on a wide scope of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives.

With 15 years of experience in learning and development in start-ups and SMEs, Malinda has a successful track record of driving change and scaling culture. As the company continues to grow, Malinda’s talent development and growth mindset will be key in taking oneninefive to the next level.



Malinda Griffin, Head of People and Culture, states: 

“Throughout my consulting career in Organisational Development, I’ve been drawn to leaders who put their people first when building ambitious growth plans. Jordan’s enthusiasm for mentoring, coaching and developing people is unparalleled and contagious. It’s felt by our staff, our partners and our clients as oneninefive forges ahead on a mission to make work fun again for sales and marketing teams in big tech and beyond. The future of work is upon us and with the last 19 months testing traditional boundaries of how, where and why we do business, ONF is busier than ever helping clients reach their potential at speed. Jordan’s buzzing hive of curious, passionate problem-solvers is a pleasure to join as we scale strategically. My role will help ensure our unique culture stays a feature not a bug as we expand our global footprint in Marketing Technology. I’m thrilled to bring cross-sector experience in scaling start-up culture and people strategy to oneninefive at this exciting time.



 Jordan Adams, CEO, states: 

We’re delighted that Malinda is joining us as our first Head of People and Culture. This is a significant appointment for oneninefive and at such a sensitive moment with the current backdrop is hopefully is a clear indication of how important we regard our workplace culture and values.

On a personal note, I’m excited to work alongside Malinda’s as we look to expand the company DNA of ‘people first’, across a global business that’s growing exponentially. We believe that ensuring the business continues to attract the best talent whilst offering an inspiring, engaging working experience & environment, will only be reflected in the better service, products and relationships we hold with our current & future clients.

Malinda brings a wealth of talent, energy and passion around the development of people. Her presence will be a big asset to our success factor in the coming year.

3rd September 2021

oneninefive Expands Operation Team to Drive Quality During Company Growth

oneninefive are delighted to announce the arrival of our first Digital Campaign Executive, Madison Cooper. Madison will be supporting the ever-growing operational team to ensure the smooth running of all our campaigns, mastering all things behind the scenes of oneninefive.

This role will work in championing the operations team, reporting directly into our VP of Client Success and Campaign Management, Rina Patel. Madison will be key in expanding as we look to further develop our outreach content and enhance campaign delivery capability. The role will encompass oneninefive’s passion for content quality and exceptional service.

Madison joins oneninefive as her first job in the industry with a great deal of experience in providing impeccable service to clients.



Madison, Operations Assistant, states: 

“I am thrilled to be working at oneninefive! This is my first job in the industry, and I can’t wait to learn everything and become part of the team.



Rina, VP Client Success and Campaign Management, states: 

“Whilst we continue to grow our oneninefive service and operations team, it gives us great pleasure to have Madison join our oneninefive Team as our newest Digital Campaign Executive. Madison comes with great experience in providing impeccable service to clients along with high enthusiasm for the industry and a keen eye for detail. As we continue to strengthen our service and operations delivery to our clients, we are delighted to welcome Madison to work with us to continue to deliver exceptional service.

2nd August 2021

oneninefive’s Executive Leadership Team Step Forward as Jordan Adams Takes up CEO Role

oneninefive are beyond excited to announce a new chapter within the company. After almost 10 years of building businesses and 5 years of leading oneninefive as Managing Director, Jordan Adams will be taking up the role of CEO.   

As CEO, Jordan will pivot his role away from the day-to-day management of the company and bringing forward his Executive Leadership Team. With this move, he leaves Julie Price, Global VP of Sales, and Rina Patel, VP of Client Success & Campaign Operations at the helm. Both Julie and Rina have a plethora of experience in leading high performing teams and over 45 years of professional experience combined.    

Today really is the day that Jordan has “sacked himself”. With such a monumental personal milestone, oneninefive heard from Jordan himself about the change. 




Jordan Adams, CEO, states: 

After almost 10 years of building businesses, I finally made it to CEO of my own company. I’m so happy and proud to have made it here. Becoming a ‘true’ CEO was always my long-term ambition.  

When I set out on my coffee table, I wasn’t thinking about a ten-year plan, nor was I thinking about making a heap of cash, or having an exit plan or big offices, teams all around the world, or any of the stereotypical plans. I simply wanted to build a business that our first customer, was as important as our next. A place that I would have wanted to work in. 

Since leaving the world of a secure salary, weekends being weekends, the time of largely only having to only think of mainly what was in front of me, I realised very quickly that finding the balance between speed of necessity vs patience to build something long term, was going to be the see-saw that I constantly had to adjust.  

Like many entrepreneurs I’ve done pretty much every job in the business, you have to. My plan however to reach CEO was to be earned and reached through two actions: 

  1. Build a team organically that through coaching, I could begin sacking myself from one of the many hats I had to wear. We still to this day have the mantra that you can’t go anywhere until you’ve equipped someone else to do your current role 
  2. Surround myself with people I could observe, learn and be challenged by. I wanted to be ‘CEO ready’ when I got here  

So today I write this saying “I made it”.   

When I say I’d made it, I’m not on about life’s trappings, I’m on about that feeling we built something that now doesn’t feel mine. Yes my DNA sits here, but today the business has overtaken the founder. I am no longer Jordan who owns a business. I am a CEO who is simply the custodian.  

Last week I laid out my vision for the business and whilst explaining my role would change, they still need to do what I ask them to do every year. Judge me on whether I delivered for them.  

Of course, 10 years is a huge amount of time to try and acknowledge all those individuals who have helped, supported, or believed in me. So rather than invariably miss people out, let me say this. If you have spent any time in my personal company during this period, you’ve helped contribute to me getting here. 

Thank you

18th May 2021

oneninefive Expands Campaign Success Team With Three New Hires

oneninefive are thrilled to announce the arrival of three new starters who will join up our campaign success team. Louis Easy, Emma Carter, and Georgina Espinosa – all with extensive campaign management backgrounds – will complement our existing Campaign Executives in the Operations Department. 


Louis joins us from B2B media and events company, Contentive, and brings with him a wealth of experience using Convertr, the software we use for data optimisation and lead validation. Louis has worked across a variety of campaigns including content marketing, webinars, email, banner ads and newsletter sponsorships.


Previously at IDG Connect, Emma is well experienced in managing long-term engagement between professionals and B2B marketers worldwide. Emma will work closely with our partner network and the sales team to deliver successful end-to-end client campaigns.


With extensive experience in managing advertising and lead generation campaigns from inception to completion as well as a masters in cultural management, Georgina will be invaluable as part of the Campaign Success Team. Joining us from TechTarget, Georgina is a specialist in deploying and managing a multitude of campaigns across EMEA.




Louis Easy, Campaign Manager, states: 

“I’m super excited to be joining oneninefive and cannot wait to meet the whole team. I look forward to discovering more about demand generation and contributing to the future success of oneninefive within my role.



Emma Carter, Campaign Manager, states: 

“I’m delighted to be joining oneninefive as a campaign manager. This is such an exciting time of expansion for the business, and I’m eager to grow with the business, alongside such a vibrant and driven team. I am coming from a campaign manager role within the lead generation industry, however, I’m sure that working at oneninefive will present many different challenges, and I am looking forward to overcoming new obstacles and learning more about the industry.



Georgina Espinosa, Campaign Manager, states: 

“I’m very excited to embark on this journey at oneninefive and help grow this business as it scales and thrives – I feel lucky to be part of the new Campaign Management team. I can’t wait to meet everyone once we are all back in the office!



Jordan Adams, Managing Director, states: 

“Despite the global backdrop, the past 12 months have seen us grow exponentially. With another big year ahead; an increased client base brings new demands, challenges, and the need to ensure our clients have the personalised support, advice, and speed of service in which we have built our reputation around. With Emma, Georgina, and Louis bringing industry experience and huge personal ambitions, I’m personally delighted that all 3 have chosen oneninefive as the next step in their development – their desire to implement the very best client experience is already being felt. I have no doubt our clients will feel that gear change as we look to the rest of 2021. Welcome guys.

19th April 2021

oneninefive Bolsters Operation Team to Ensure Marketing Tech Product Delivers Upon Excellence

oneninefive, demand generation specialists for global technology brands, are excited to announce the arrival of Harry Ward, Campaign Executive. Among a string of new signings, Harry will be sitting within the operations department and will be at the forefront of client campaign delivery. 

Continuing a strong 2021, Harry will report directly to our Head of Operations, Tim Nagle, and work cross-functionally throughout the business. A recent Politics & International Relations graduate he will play a pivotal role in liaising with our global partner network, processing and analysing data points to ensure delivery from start to finish is pinpoint. In Harry’s previous advisory roles, he has also developed exceptional skills implementing specific services with an extremely high level of quality. Not to mention, throughout his interview process he showed an incredible aptitude for developing our operation, systems and product.



Harry Ward, Campaign Executive, states: 

“I’m overjoyed to be joining oneninefive in a period of such fantastic growth and development. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my first week with the company and with my excellent team, and can’t wait to become fully acquainted with the rest of the company once we’re all back in the office!”




Tim Nagle, Head of Operations, states: 

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome Harry to the business. Harry throughout his interview process and early stages has shown a brilliant enthusiasm for developing our operation, system and product, and not only his brilliant character, but technical skills will be a great asset as we grow our team. Harry joins at a hugely exciting time for the team, as we continue to upgrade our operations, and I thoroughly look forward to getting fully stuck in!”

15th April 2021

oneninefive Goes Global With First in-House Business Development Director Appointed In Dubai

Demand Generation specialists oneninefive are proud to announce the arrival of Kav Madhavan as Business Development Director across MENA & APAC. Based in Dubai, Kav will be responsible for the success of expanding our MENA & APAC remit, expanding our reach, and ensuring success for our clients across these regions.

Expanding oneninefive’s physical presence into Dubai provides a central hub for international growth, in turn facilitating easier communications with some of the world’s most established B2B technology brands – locally and internationally. Not to mention, the opening of the Dubai office is an exciting step in the continued growth of oneninefive in the MENA & APAC regions.

Having spent the past two years as Advertising Manager in the Tech Division at Dennis Publishing, Kav led a variety of marketing solutions ranging from ABM display to lead generation, whilst also recruiting and mentoring the agency sales team. With over 10 years of experience within the digital B2B landscape working with technology brands across the globe, Kav will be set to bring an abundance of ideas and energy.

As the sales and client services team continues to expand globally, Kav’s extensive knowledge of the international publishing industry will prove hugely important for oneninefive.



Kav Madhavan, Business Development Director – MENA & APAC, states:

“As part of OneNineFive’s global expansion, I’m very excited to be joining the company as their Business Development Director for MENA & APAC, based in Dubai. Coming from a B2B publishing background, I’ve had the pleasure of working with clients and agencies around the globe over the past 13 years. I’m looking forward to this new chapter in life and the new challenge professionally, helping oneninefive grow their footprint in a region that’s calling out for efficiency, transparency and above all quality demand gen solutions.”



Jordan Adams, Managing Director, states: 

“The decision to expand oneninefives’ presence into Dubai was a logical step in our international growth strategy. The UAE has clearly got a booming digital economy and with the combination of talent, of investment, and entrepreneurship as well, there’s going to be a lot of exciting emerging technology businesses in the UAE who want to take their brand globally. Outside of the UAE we already hold relationships with many of the established B2B technology brand and their agencies. By opening in the region we can look to create a central centre of excellence, that can work with our clients both locally and globally.

The Dubai office will add an important sales dimension to our operations, owing to its location, which is at the heart of an important region and critical to create balanced global growth, between East and West.”



Julie Price, Global Vice President of Sales, states: 

“We’re so excited to welcome Kav to the expanding oneninefive team in a newly created role of Business Development Director across MENA & APAC. Kav brings a wealth of B2B media publishing experience and an equally big sense of fun and passion into the role and her hire into Dubai represents the ambitions of oneninefive to explore the huge opportunities across these key regions. Kav will be perfectly placed in terms of her deep industry knowledge in demand generation and her location, to take full advantage in fostering strong new business relationships and taking the unique oneninefive proposition to a much wider client base.”