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Content Syndication

We help demand generation marketers and sales leaders deliver volume, velocity and value through content syndication.

Amplify your content’s reach leveraging our owned content libraries, TechOctopus and MarTech Tracker, and in-house team of sales researchers. We’ll help expand your reach, help you connect with targeted buyers, and drive high quality leads to fill your pipeline, specifically using email and phone in order to drive meaningful conversions.

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Content Syndication strategy

When building out the strategy for your content syndication program, our planners focus on building both volume and quality of net new leads for your organization, ensure content is promoted using the right criteria, and offer intent targeting and lead qualification to convert leads with the right level of interest and propensity.

Digital content syndication through email

We’ll introduce your brand to an untapped audience through email content syndication. By sharing your valuable content on oneninefive’s owned content syndication platforms, you’ll give it the exposure it deserves in order to capture your future buyer’s interest. We deliver intent-targeted single and double touch programs to opt-in new stakeholders for marketing and sales nurture, and offer options to qualify leads to help inform nurture strategy.

Tele-prospecting and qualification

Complementing an outbound email content syndication strategy, our phone syndication service helps accelerate sales qualified leads and opportunities and get opt-ins which would otherwise be missed. Our team of in-house callers has an average of 15-25 years’ experience, and complete over 8,500 days of calling annually. Leverage their extensive industry knowledge to pitch high-value, complex propositions to C-level decision-makers, and to capture valuable insights and intelligence.

Core Product Offerings

Landing the right message, at the right place, at the right time has become more difficult (and audiences more elusive!). We support campaign planning, including remarketing and nurture campaigns that align customer touchpoints across sales and marketing efforts.

Single Touch Content Syndication

Leverage email or tele-prospecting to engaged prospects and convert opt-ins for marketing and sales nurture.

Intent Targeted Content Syndication

Refine targeting by prioritizing accounts that are actively trending on intent topics related to your solutions and propositions. We deliver intent reporting with each lead to help frame marketing and sales engagement strategy.

Double Touch Content Syndication

Jumpstart nurture by delivering a follow up message and piece of content to stakeholders that have opted-in to receive communication. Designed to help increase recall, and deepen engagement.

oneninefive HQL & BANT

Tele-prospecting campaign to qualify leads and collect intelligence using a number of qualifying questions focused on uncovering propensity to buy, and related buying dynamics including budget, timeline and details around the buying committee.

Appointment Setting

Tele-qualification programs designed to survey and nurture target accounts and stakeholders, as well as uncover appointments for warm handover to sales teams. Detailed call reports arms sales teams with the intelligence with which to engage and progress opportunities.

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