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No smoke, no mirrors. Transparent intent(ions)

We pride ourselves on real conversations with real people and with our data

Every month we hold telephone conversations with over 100,000 global Marketing, Digital and CX leaders.

How it works

During our conversations, we get to understand their technology challenges, their projects, how they like to learn and what content would help inform both their personal development and company technology purchase decisions.

By tracking both our phone conversations & the subsequent digital consumption, we’re able to provide total transparent intent on an individual level.

How we can help

Identify organisations who are consuming content relating to your technology and overlay their current technology install information

Prioritise target accounts based on which account has a higher chance of purchasing now based on content consumption and deep dive information such as live projects

ABM - Identify which accounts within your CRM are actively requesting relevant content & information

Identify intent across dormant accounts to see who has re-entered an active buying cycle

conversations with unique prospects a month

customers connected with a brand each month

number of countries currently delivering into each month

pieces of content distributed to in-target prospects each month

global partner delivery hubs

language capabilities

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