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16th June 2020

How interactive whitepapers can drive better leads

Is content still king? Yes. Is some content better than others? Still Yes. In an age where attention spans are decreasing and behavioral data is coming more to the fore, the idea of interactivity is becoming ever more important. Not to mention, with 40%+ of B2B marketers looking to spend more time/money on content in 2020 it’s becoming increasingly important to stand out from the rest.

Outbound demand generation works by creating a complete set of content — usually consisting of an email and a landing page — to promote a given asset. As one might expect, the derived content is only as good as the original content. The quality of content can also vary and depending on how your audience engages with it can result in the quality of the leads varying as well. It has to be clear, concise and engaging, especially in the world of demand generation where often content is “fluffed up” or made over complicated in order to appear more interesting.


So yes content is important, and in the demand generation world it comes in many formats. Standard whitepapers are great, and so are ebooks and video, but with limited interactivity, it’s often hard for people to remain engaged. That’s where interactive whitepapers come in, which are now essential creative assets in driving leads down the sales funnel and improving prospect engagement. Not only are they dynamic and visually stimulating but they also allow us to develop rich profile data around participants, study read through rates, and much more, something lacking in more traditional forms of content. On top of this, Interactive questions lead to more engaged prospects whilst also providing valuable information.

All in all, if delivered correctly and to the appropriate audience interactive whitepapers can lead to more engaged and far better quality leads. Check out some of our interactive content examples here.