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Measurement is central to every successful and sustainable demand generation strategy.

We’re experienced in building measurement and attribution models that demonstrate value to business stakeholders, and create opportunities to learn and optimize.

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Demonstrating impact

Our team of data scientists and digital strategists ensure any cross-channel attribution is built properly, whether it’s from the ground up or enhancing an existing approach. For more advanced attribution, our data scientists build custom models, tracking and analyzing behaviors across different touchpoints, extricating data from their silos.

Surfacing insights

We focus on bringing measurement to life through easy-to-use, platform-agnostic dashboards and help bring sales and marketing teams together, sharing insights at the account and program levels. We work with marketing leaders to go beyond vanity metrics, and prove impact against business objectives and outcomes in one centralized view.

We evaluate your systems and data sets to develop a thorough understanding of your operations and complex nature of your business, and build a measurement dashboard that is bespoke to your demand generation engine.

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