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19th May 2020

Mental Health Awareness Week: Life in a Pandemic

Lockdown can be tough, both mentaly and physically and it’s in times like these where we have to take extra measures to look out for those around us. Whether that be a phone call or a text message, it’s the little things that matter the most. 

In the wake of this epidemic, one thing we’ve noticed has helped us is a change of work structure. Instead of the usual 9 – 5 hours we’ve collectively decided to be results led, which in turn we feel results in a more relaxed and productive environment. Being stuck indoors all day without the usual office interactions can prove mundane and if you happen to live alone can be even more detrimental towards your mental health. The last thing you need is more stress and pressure, hence breaks throughout the day, taking some time outdoors and working to the schedule that works for you is paramount. Little things like this can help more than you think, but above all it’s how we treat those around us that’s the most important. 

Mental Health UK has done a fantastic job of highlighting this message in a short video they’ve put together on the importance of being kind to others, especially in these turbulent times. Check it out below, it’s worth the watch.