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13th May 2020

oneninefive – Why the change?

Why the change?

This is a question many of our clients, partners, and friends have asked us. Well I hope that this blog will answer some of those questions and explain why we’ve invested in our swish new look!

MarTech Tracker was born 5 years ago under a very different premise in very different circumstances. We are known to move fast in this industry and pivot quickly to our clients’ needs so why not pivot ourselves?! We have and always will be providing the best solutions to our clients in the demand generation industry.

As a collective we felt MarTech Tracker, boxed us in a little, and no longer represented accurately the best of what we do. We are no longer a forty strong call centre in Nottingham, we are a global agency providing the very best solutions in the B2B world through demand generation. We feel that as individuals and as a company we’ve learnt a lot along the way, we’ve come into our own and found our identity. oneninefive.

Why oneninefive?

When we made the decision to rebrand last summer, we wanted a name that would be timeless and work across all aspects of the B2B industry. We then landed on oneninefive – it was an obvious fit from the beginning.

Simply, it just describes us. We are demand generation specialists, we connect brands with buyers, in any language, in any country of the world. All one hundred and ninety-five of them. We will keep you posted as to how we’re getting on!

However, MarTech Tracker is not going anywhere!

Under our oneninefive umbrella, these brands allow us to provide engaged market leaders with the best content the industry has to offer. Enabling tech leaders around the world to make informed purchase decisions. Look out for TechOctopus and (familiar face!) MarTech Tracker with many many more in the pipeline. We will also be introducing more products to our offering so keep your eyes peeled…

As much as oneninefive is brand new, our people remain the same. Motivated, curious and ambitious. This next step for the business allows us to scale up, shout louder and keep delivering the results that our clients have come to expect. We are always looking for the next bright hot shot to join the family, so please don’t be afraid to put your hand up if this is you!

oneninefive simply focuses in on working cohesively and strategically with all our clients to allow them to grow their ROI through demand generation.

If you have any queries or questions about oneninefive, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!