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2nd August 2021

oneninefive’s Executive Leadership Team Step Forward as Jordan Adams Takes up CEO Role

oneninefive are beyond excited to announce a new chapter within the company. After almost 10 years of building businesses and 5 years of leading oneninefive as Managing Director, Jordan Adams will be taking up the role of CEO.   

As CEO, Jordan will pivot his role away from the day-to-day management of the company and bringing forward his Executive Leadership Team. With this move, he leaves Julie Price, Global VP of Sales, and Rina Patel, VP of Client Success & Campaign Operations at the helm. Both Julie and Rina have a plethora of experience in leading high performing teams and over 45 years of professional experience combined.    

Today really is the day that Jordan has “sacked himself”. With such a monumental personal milestone, oneninefive heard from Jordan himself about the change. 




Jordan Adams, CEO, states: 

After almost 10 years of building businesses, I finally made it to CEO of my own company. I’m so happy and proud to have made it here. Becoming a ‘true’ CEO was always my long-term ambition.  

When I set out on my coffee table, I wasn’t thinking about a ten-year plan, nor was I thinking about making a heap of cash, or having an exit plan or big offices, teams all around the world, or any of the stereotypical plans. I simply wanted to build a business that our first customer, was as important as our next. A place that I would have wanted to work in. 

Since leaving the world of a secure salary, weekends being weekends, the time of largely only having to only think of mainly what was in front of me, I realised very quickly that finding the balance between speed of necessity vs patience to build something long term, was going to be the see-saw that I constantly had to adjust.  

Like many entrepreneurs I’ve done pretty much every job in the business, you have to. My plan however to reach CEO was to be earned and reached through two actions: 

  1. Build a team organically that through coaching, I could begin sacking myself from one of the many hats I had to wear. We still to this day have the mantra that you can’t go anywhere until you’ve equipped someone else to do your current role 
  2. Surround myself with people I could observe, learn and be challenged by. I wanted to be ‘CEO ready’ when I got here  

So today I write this saying “I made it”.   

When I say I’d made it, I’m not on about life’s trappings, I’m on about that feeling we built something that now doesn’t feel mine. Yes my DNA sits here, but today the business has overtaken the founder. I am no longer Jordan who owns a business. I am a CEO who is simply the custodian.  

Last week I laid out my vision for the business and whilst explaining my role would change, they still need to do what I ask them to do every year. Judge me on whether I delivered for them.  

Of course, 10 years is a huge amount of time to try and acknowledge all those individuals who have helped, supported, or believed in me. So rather than invariably miss people out, let me say this. If you have spent any time in my personal company during this period, you’ve helped contribute to me getting here. 

Thank you