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Paid Media

In a competitive B2B landscape, driving awareness and engagement with target audiences has become increasingly difficult and complex. With the right approach, the most actionable data and ROI focused tactics, paid media can play a critical role in your multi channel demand generation strategy. With the right approach, informed by data including intent, you can grow existing business in key accounts as well as engage new accounts by communicating highly tailored messages to your ideal customers, at scale. Discover the power of a laser sharp, tailored paid media strategy and elevate your B2B marketing efforts to new heights.

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Grow Your Existing Accounts and Strengthen Relationships

Our team can help expand relationships within your existing accounts through a highly targeted, paid social strategy. By showcasing relevant content, promotions, and product offerings through multichannel campaigns, you'll be able to boost customer loyalty and revenue in a highly demonstrable way.

Acquiring Named Accounts

Our paid media specialists help you to acquire named accounts that perfectly align with your ideal customer profile. By using advanced targeting techniques across paid social and display channels, we’ll zero in on the decision-makers in your target accounts, delivering personalized advertising that speaks directly to their needs. Not only are we able to target otherwise hard to reach accounts across the web, we also build hyper specific audience segments to avoid any wastage of your advertising spend.

Expanding Account Opportunities in Regions

Our team helps your business expand globally, across Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. Leveraging display networks partnerships across different territories, we’re able to run highly targeted paid media to your net new and existing accounts. Before launch, we’ll calculate the addressable market in the region so you can understand where and how to reach your future customers. Using our creatives or your provided designs, we’ll help personalize and localize your ad creatives to make a strong impact on potential clients in different regions, opening up new doors for your business.

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