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26th February 2021

‘So oneninefive, Where Do You Fit Into My Demand Generation Strategy?’

Well, firstly we need to understand the challenges you are currently facing and what channels you are using. For some demand generation strategies, oneninefive can provide complementary tactics to those that are currently being utilised, whereas in other instances we can supplement what is already in place. Below we take a quick look at the typical tactics/strategies that you may have within your existing framework, and how oneninefive can help you reach your goals:


Display Advertising and Account Based Advertising

Serving adverts to targeted profiles is a fantastic tool to have when looking to build brand awareness. Understanding which businesses are engaging with your advertising efforts and showing a higher propensity to engage will influence your ABM and wider marketing strategy. There can be limitations too these strategies, however, namely connecting this activity with the specific individuals in the business who are engaging. ONF operates on a customer-centric model, engaging with named individuals. Connecting with these individuals will move you closer towards influencing the DMU, and ultimately delivering ROI.


Email Marketing

Email marketing has become a staple of most marketing plans, and something that almost all of us are comfortable with as both marketers and customers. A traditional and trusted method, we are often then thrown off when we find ourselves on a marketing list that we’ve had no engagement with, or we receive communication from a company that we thought had long forgotten about us. GDPR has made us feel more protective of our inboxes and it can feel intrusive if the email is clearly an unsolicited mass email. ONF owns several outreach brands, ranging from marketing to technology (check out our newest one) and building community engagement within specific job functions. Utilizing the affinity each customer has with our brands, our clients are able to engage with a warm community of active prospects who are explicitly opted-in to receiving communications.


Intent / predictive analytics

The intent market has gone from strength to strength in recent years, with data science driving an advanced understanding of audience activity. ABM strategy and account lists are often heavily influenced by the data delivered from these sources. Understanding the behaviours of audiences at a macro and micro level demonstrates how activity compares across the entire market, including the specifics around each account. By uncovering the companies with the highest propensity around particular topics we can infer which accounts should be present on our lists, and then how best to engage with those organisations. Similar to the challenge of data from display advertising (partly because advertising keywords fuel some predictive/intent products), the data is typically at an organisational level, with little/no connection between that and who the individuals demonstrating intent. ONF’s first-party customer-centric audience understands the content consumption of each individual prospect, giving you a far clearer understanding of how they can best be targeted. By fully understanding their intentions we are able to create a detailed profile of their behaviours whilst simultaneously tracking all of their interactions.


IP tracking

There are several IP tracking businesses that can demonstrate the company-level information of businesses who are visiting your website, and the path that they take. A valuable tool in being able to follow the journey that customers take from awareness to engagement. A common statistic, 97-98% of people who visit your site will not engage, and so knowing the business names of the 2-3% is hugely valuable. Once the information is uncovered, the challenge is then working through the best route to engage and convert the people within the organisation. ONF is able to utilise any account list that you have to build H2H engagement and pull these customers into your direct marketing funnel. The work from home environment now relies on IP tracking businesses connecting residential IP addresses to company data. This is something within their capability, however, it can pose a challenge in households with multiple home workers or children utilising one IP and/or device.



The 2020 migration from being office-based to home working has seen a huge shift in our use of landlines/VOIP/mobile phones, as well as the size of teams and the way we manage them. Telemarketers and Sales Development Reps are an asset in enriching prospect data and activating prospects into nurture flows. However, there can be huge challenges involved in not only setting up and/or managing a remote telemarketing team but even just choosing the correct telemarketing company. At ONF we recognise that the secret to supplying our clients is to work collaboratively with world-class media partners, taking the effort and setup out of any telemarketing campaign. Spread all around the globe are vetted partner network allows for extremely targeted campaigns into any region.