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23rd February 2021

TechOctopus – Why?

How did TechOctopus start?

Born in 2019, TechOctopus started out as an avenue to deliver the most up-to-date and valuable IT-related content to the leaders who needed it most. To be honest, it still is, there’s just a bit more to it now. TechOctopus has now established itself as a leading digital content solution, helping IT leaders future proof today’s business, for tomorrow’s landscape.

It is now so much more than just an email service, with the recent launch of its own online digital library – – it is now far more accessible to those who need it. Filled with thousands of valuable IT-related assets it is a hub for today’s technology leaders, allowing us to target the IT professionals who are genuinely engaged in the topics and themes of our client’s content. Throw in the fact that users can subscribe to specific topics and receive curated content straight to their inbox, and I think we have ourselves something..


So why exactly did we launch it?

IT leaders have a few pain points, namely tracking down the content that can help them achieve their mission-critical priorities and in turn make their jobs easier. We noticed that when it came to solving this problem there wasn’t really a lot out there in the way of personalisation. So after a long hard think, we thought we’d bring something to the market that not only has a wealth of useful content but also provides the user with the content they like, when they like it, straight to their inbox.



How does all this help the brands we work with? 

TechOctopus allows for all of our client’s promotional content to be hosted online as well as sent out in our outbound demand generation campaigns, hence increasing the audience exposed to our client’s content. With the online content library frequented by IT decision-makers, this is a huge plus. We can then track whoever engages with the content allowing us to store all interactions and engagement in our intent database.

Most importantly however is the relationship between TechOctopus and its subscribers, providing a trusted and mutually beneficial relationship that results in better engagement. That’s what happens when you provide leads only with the content they’ve shown an interest in.


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