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9th June 2020

The People of oneninefive: Emma Laing



The People of ONF is a content series that showcases the interesting, creative and all-round cool people that make up oneninefive.

Let’s get to know Emma..

When did you join ONF? September 2018.

What’s one thing that surprised you about working at ONF? How often we all move desks/offices! Think I’ve had about 14 different desks within 2 offices.




What led you to this industry? A Linkedin add! I knew I wanted to work in marketing however, had never really heard of demand gen – think Jordan rated my knowledge a 2/10 post-interview!

What’s your hobby or passion project outside of work? I love to try and be creative and really enjoy visiting new places whether in the UK or travelling abroad (not at the moment though!)

What’s your favorite way to unwind after a busy day? The sensible answer would be a run or walk out in the fresh air but realistically it is a glass of wine!




What did you want to be when you were younger? Leona Lewis’ backing singer.. I had very high aspirations for myself clearly!

How are you adjusting to the working from home lifestyle? Any tips on how to stay productive? It’s been a slow adjustment as for the first week or so it hadn’t hit me this was the reality for the foreseeable but I’m getting in a groove now. My main tip would be to try and stick to a routine and make yourself get dressed and ready for the day so you can differentiate between day/night, week/weekend!

What trend do you hope makes a comeback? Office working! WFH is great and all for a bit of change out the other side of Covid-19 but I miss my team!

What’s a trip that changed you, and why? I visited Sri Lanka and India April/May 2018 and their way of life really encouraged me to go vegan. 2 years on, I’m now a bit more flexible and probably lean closer to a vegetarian but am still so interested in the health and environmental benefits of eating less meat.


Quick Fire Q’s

What are you watching on Netflix right now? Late to the party probably but I’ve just finished The Stranger – amazing!

What’s one song that you’re embarrassed to admit you like? No shame on my awful taste in music!

What’s one song that isn’t played enough? Any Westlife song…




Sand or Snow? Which would you prefer to holiday? Ooooh bit of both?! Few days snow then a few more days sand! But if I had to choose one, probbaly sand (minus the part when you get sand in your bed)

One meal for the rest of your life, what would it be? Fish and chips in newspaper with an endless supply of mayonnaise!

How do you like your eggs? Dippy eggs and marmite soldiers always!