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13th January 2020

Trends that were due to shape 2018 – but have they delivered?

CMOs, CEOs and CTOs (amongst others) predicted several trends that were set to impact the industry across 2018. HY2 has officially kicked off, but have these prognostications proven to be true?

Machine learning will help deliver personalised content at scale

There is a constant struggle with marketers to produce enough personalised content.  The aim was to use AI to enable a smarter more efficient way to provide stronger content. With the rise of install base campaigns and intent based data we have seen an increase in content provided to individuals that is more focused on their core preferences or focus points within the business. What we are yet to see is more recommended content throughout each touchpoint of the sales funnel that is specifically focused on the individual’s current needs.

Sales and Marketing will join forces

Businesses are looking to operate in a more collaborative way; strategies are more cohesive between teams. The average sales cycle is 3 ½ months, however, with the right content produced by marketing combined with the correct target audience this will mean the cycle can be shortened. Whilst we have still noticed a slight disjoint between the two teams (sales team wanting SQLs and speeding through the lead nurturing process), I believe there needs to be a deeper level of understanding as to how each process works within each team and more in-depth feedback on the content before the two teams work more in-tune.

IT Decision makers will partner for better security communications

The lead up to and post GDPR saw an increase need to better precautions and increase plans for any type of cyber breach. It is imperative that all personnel within an organisation are collaborative within their understanding of ‘what’s next’ if such a breach does happen. Since starting I have seen a large percentage of campaigns focusing mainly on IT decision makers, namely more so involved within security.  Major IT security companies are still riding off the back of the GDPR wave and pushing to better assist other companies to enable full coverage and help prevent such breaches.

So, to sum up….

Whilst we have seen these predictions are starting to fall into place, the industry has a way to go until it is operationally and efficiently functioning in the way they thought it would. In the grand scheme of it all we are only 8 months in, let’s wait and see what the final few months have in store for us.